The global COVID-19 crisis has dramatically and rapidly changed the lives of everyone, hitting hardest the already vulnerable children and youth at Masaka region in Uganda. The pandemic took a toll on our resources and affected our revenue.

We are fundraising with a target of raising £7,000 ($9133.95) (£7723.60) (UGX: 33,762,115.67) for;

Constructing one six stances disabled access toilets and 2 Classrooms,  to support quality and affordable education for the children that Youth With A Vision supports, and other 700 vulnerable children at our partner schools – ST. Catherine Nursery and Primary School Kisaalizi in Kyotera District, Aunt Sarah Junior School in Rakai District, and Safe Care Primary School in Wakiso, Uganda.

Watch this video which explains the current situation.

There is no uniform fee for tuition that Schools in Uganda charge. Each school charges differently and students from less privileged backgrounds can’t access most of the available schools due to high costs. Children that Youth With A Vision support, charge affordable fees but lack enough classrooms. The lack of enough classrooms affects the learning of the students. Since these schools charge small amounts of money for tuition, it is always hard for them to construct proper and enough classrooms. 

It is for this reason that we are trying to raise funds to help the schools that we partner with have enough classrooms for all less privileged children in the area to have access to quality and affordable education from a conducive environment.

When we help to construct classrooms and a disabled accessible toilet for these partners schools, It will help reduce the amount of tuition these schools charge per student. And this will attract less privileged children to attend school and acquire education.  

Community Support

The young people who have been helped, and those that are being helped by Youth With A Vision, together with the other community members will make bricks for the construction work, and also help with porter work on the site. One of the youths skilled in roofing works has offered to do the roofing for the classrooms and toilet for half the total cost.  All these developments mean that we are now looking for funds for cement, sand, iron sheets, wood, doors, windows, nails, building labour, and half costs for roofing labour.

This is what your Gift can do

A donation of  £1.5  ($ 2)         (€1.65)     will provide 1 piece of wood for roofing (we need 100) 

A donation of  £1     ($1.30)     (€1.10)     will buy 1 kilogram of nails (we need 50kg) 

A donation of  £9.5  ($12.40)   (€10.50)   will provide 1 iron sheet for roofing (we need 66 sheets for £627 ($817) (€692)

A donation of  £8     ($10.45)   (€8.82)     will buy 1 bag of cement (we need 100 bags of cement)

A donation of  £0.8  ($1.5)       (€0.88)     will provide  1 litre of paint (we need 240 litres for £192 - ($251) -(€212
A donation of  £24   ($31.32)   (€26.47)   will provide 1 ton of hardcore stones (we need 10 tons

A donation of  £31   ($40.45)   (€35)        will buy 1 ton of Sand (we need 15 tons )

A donation of  £31   ($40